Moments: Past, Present, Future

We all often get caught up in moments. Some of us hold onto moments with every inch of our souls and others take them as they come and say bye when they leave. I have learned slowly to say bye when they leave & lock them into the vault of memory, not depending on those moments to live my life or steady my life. It’s what I believe allows me to live in the present.

We constantly hear we learn from the past and must prepare for the future, but man should you LIVE in the present. Let me tell you is that a hard thing to do. We get caught up in the past and worry if we’re making the same mistakes. We start planning for the future and work to much or worry too much about things yet to happen. Both of these things so much that we stop thinking about what’s happening today and remembering to have fun in our lives and love those around us. Politics I think is a great example here. Right now we’re all so caught up in electing someone who is going to fix the issues of the past in the future. Convoluted right? We seem to forget these are all issues in the here and now, but all we can do is point blame and worry ourselves to death over future resolution. When we’re perfectly capable of coming together to live and fix them in the here and now. Procrastinate much America? (Sorry tangent there)

Anyways, living now, recognizing now is how we make sure our lives our illustrious and successful. What are we doing today that’s worthy? Who are we loving today that is worthy? Who is loving us today and what are we doing today that is bringing value into our lives? Not what WILL or what HAS, but what IS?

I’m a procrastinator. I can admit it. I’ll avoid and avoid until it has to be done. My husband though is really good at getting stuff done. I don’t think he realizes it, but he is. He doesn’t put off today what can be done tomorrow.  Whether it be fixing something, running an errand, putting a name to and solving a problem, or just showing us he loves us. He gets stuff done. He lives a life in the present so well that it has guided me on how to do the same. He brings an immense value to our family with this one small trait. A long way to the point, but here it is. Are your most important relationships bringing value into your life? Are your thoughts brining value into your life? Is your work brining value into your life?

Here’s a task for you: Make a list of what you did today, who you conversed with, where you went, what you did. And I mean literally every thing. And note to yourself the value it brought. If you can’t think of any, think of how you can do your next day differently. Even the bad conversations can bring value. They’re teaching moments. We talk about goal setting for each day. I think it’s a load of crap. Do you have a to do list? Yes. Make it and move on. But before you go to bed or when you wake up, think about the past and future for 10 minutes and how today will be different. This removes the hindrance of living in the past and worry about the future and allows you to focus on the you of today.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and let me know how it’s working for you!



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