Place of My Heart

Right this moment I am not supposed to be writing this post. I’m supposed to be working on my brand, my logo, and setting my blog calendar. But then I read something and needed to tell you all the story. When I first started writing I was 7 years old. I told little stories and continued on to build a book 75% at 16 before my whole world flipped and I just stopped putting any feelings on paper. I know my end game. I know I want to tell my whole story and inspire others to learn how to avoid falling so deeply into the canyon, they feel they can’t get out. I know the focus of my writing is to inspire others and let them know there IS an option. There IS a way out of the dark hell you feel. But thats’s not what I’m writing about tonight.

Tonight, I want to tell you about a place. A place so near to me, a place people generally mark with doom and gloom brings so much light into my heart. That place is the Pacific Northwest. Now a little background on me. I was born in a used to be small town 20 miles southeast of Nashville, TN. I spent the majority of my life there, with the summers in Northeast Alabama with my father and grandparents, and a horrific I don’t even know how short of my time in Kissimmee, FL (I mean HORRIFIC) So my ideas of the world outside of my middle Tennessee flashy life and my farm summers was dreamed through books and TV. As a teenager I started reading the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber. Then more and more and more from her. A lot of her stories are centered in the PNW and her vivid writing just ran my imagination wild. Then came Grey’s. The year after I graduated high school. I haven’t missed an episode. I was 18 years old and the visual the TV gave me was unreal. Now mind you my obsession came maybe 3 years before I even knew what Twilight was.

Then a time came where I had to make a choice. The why’s behind that choice will come later, but just know I sat there one day saying is it possible for me to leave? I searched the jobs and there it was. Bellevue Washington. Now honestly, I never expected anything to come to fruition. I was at a low place and I believed nothing, but less than a month later and offer was made and I had 3 weeks to pack my stuff and move myself an 2 very small children 3000 miles away from everything I ever knew to a place I didn’t know a soul.

My daddy, me, and my bright eyed barely year old daughter started the journey in a Budget truck packed with all our stuff. Three days later, as we got to probably around Cle Elum on the Mountains to the Sound Greenway, I knew I was where I was meant to be. It was beginning of August and the summer was in full bloom. I had never seen trees so green and wildlife so abundant. The rain was non existent and we were so close to the sun tat i could smell it. Have you ever smelled the sun? It’s AMAZING. As we pulled into our Bellevue hotel, I could see the Olympic Mountains to my west and the Cascades to my east so clearly. Growing up the “mountains” I knew were the Appalachians. Let me tell you fellow Southerners and I hate to disappoint you: Appalachia may be beautiful, but they ain’t no mountains. Mountains are Mt. Rainier. Snow peaked, snow filled, high as the sky can go.

The houses were hardy board. I didn’t see brick, I didn’t see vinyl signing. And yes the coffee smell was real. A coffee truck in every parking lot meant you never had to go without. Even when the winter came and the rain started it wasn’t rain. It was beautiful. No thunder, no lightning, not constant downpours. A lot of mist and a lot of wet yes. A mildewy smell that lingered and you got used to, but it felt just right. It’s so funny that there you walk differently in the rain. You don’t worry about your hair or your makeup. You feel just right. Back home, you hold your head down and hurry wherever you need to be to avoid getting wet and the rain just irritates you. But not there. You hold your head high and just keep on going.

Why did I need you to know the smells and the feel of this place? Well it’s right after TGIT of course and Grey’s is on my DVR and well I feel like I’m home again. Every single time it warms my heart so much. These are the places I retreated in my mind when times got hard. The 3 years I spent in the place of my heart is what kept me sane. The friends I made are for life. And it will tie in later to the story. I’m not sure how much later, but it will.
Where is your place? Your sacred safe place?


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