My name is Kaite (however you pronounce it in your mind is perfect because well, honestly, I'm kind of tired of answering how to say it after all my life) I'm a 35 year old wife, mother, professional, leader, reader, half hippie, pescatarian, Christ-following, exclamation mark loving woman. Actually, I add to the list of I am's daily, but or the most part, those cover me.  One day, a long while ago in days of Pre COVID I can't remember,  at lunch with friends, I was giving my (unsolicited probably) opinion on something & a friend says- We should just call you Candid Kaite- & thus the name was born! (Thanks Miki!) 

Ask any of my family or friends and they'll tell you I probably have an opinion on everything and have been described as honest to a fault (I don't believe there is such a thing- see line 1 for reference)  but over the years I've learned when and when not (mostly) to share something. Maturity... sometimes it sucks. 

But my most passionate topic, is YOU lady. Your confidence, your heart, your health, your stress.... It's taken me a lo of soul searching to get here & uncover exactly what that passion was. I hope here you find some words of wisdom & community too. 

Next up on the list... check out some photos below of me and my tribe. I love these people like kind of a lot and they make me a better person every day, then head on over to my passion post to dive in some more! 


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